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...our biodiesel production from vegetable oils and used cooking oil is an essential contribution towards the fulfillment of greenhouse gas emission savings targets...


Rossi Biofuel Zrt. is part of the Envien Group that plays an important role in production of biodiesel in the region.

The biodiesel plant of Rossi Biofuel Zrt. is located at the base site of MOL NYrt. in Komárom. The factory was founded as a green field investment in 2006 and production started in 2007.

The core activity of Rossi Biofuel Zrt. is biodiesel production from fresh vegetable oil and used cooking oil. This activity is carried out on the basis of IPPC Permit.

Biodiesel is a Fatty Acid Methyl Ester. This is produced by the method of reesterification of animal-origin fats and vegetable oils in the presence of triglycerides and potassium methylate catalyst. Biodiesel (reesterification) is produced by 3 production lines, each with a capacity of 50,000 tonnes/year. During biodiesel production, glycerine phase is generated as a by-product and in the washing of the biodiesel soapy water.

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